Google’s Repositioned Search Location Setting

October 18, 2010

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Google location setting

As mentioned in this post about Google’s new location settings, it’s now possible for Google search engine users to manually set their location from the search page (see the red arrow on the right).

The ability to change the location setting has been around for a while, but it was located a few clicks off the search page. By changing the location of this setting to the front page, it’s possible a few things will happen – if users make use of this setting:

  1. Local Google AdWords advertisers might benefit from better geographic targeting for their ads. This means that more relevant Google users will see their ads – and this should result in better returns on advertising dollars.
  2. Google users can expect better quality local search results if geo targeting has been inaccurate for their IP address until now.
  3. Mobile users can easily lock down their location while they’re traveling with mobile devices. For example, I occasionally use WiFi at Starbucks, and the location seems to default to New York because of the way their network is set up. Now it’s really easy to change.
  4. Users outside a location can “step inside” and see the web from that location. An example might be a parent searching for services for their child in a college town.

Let’s hope users make use of Google’s location setting now – it should result in better targeted AdWords Campaigns for advertisers, and better quality local search results for users.

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